What do Richard Branson, Oprah, and Deepak Chopra all have in common?
(hint: you have it too)

It’s not a private plane. It’s not a billion dollars in the bank. It’s not a personal assistant or two.

It’s a strong, clear-as-a-bell gut instinct.

In fact, all the people you admire, stalk, and want to be have one thing in common:

They’re psychic.

They don’t call themselves psychic. They might not even know they’re psychic.

Instead, they describe it as their “gut instinct,” or their “intuition,” or their “sixth sense.”

No matter what they call it, it’s all the same thing.

And it’s absolutely CRUCIAL for success in anything.

And fortunately, you’ve got it too. (Yup you do! I promise.)

What’s that? You don’t hear yours? It’s not that clear?

I know. I know. That’s what’s kept you from having the (insert one here!) business/life/love/money you want.

You’re doing great, but let’s face it: there’s a level you just haven’t reached yet and try as you mighty might you just. can’t. seem. to. get. going.

It’s the level where you:

  • Have fluid income and never-ending ideas to create more
  • Follow through on ideas fearlessly
  • Constantly make the right connections
  • “Leapfrog” over life and business setbacks
  • Just “feel right” with every new project you take on

Right – THAT level.

And you won’t reach it without intuition that comes in loud and clear.

Fortunately, I can help you tap in, tune into, and TRUST the little voice inside that’s trying to show you where to go with my course:


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Imagine yourself innately knowing:
  • The exact words you need to say to close any sale
  • The answer to the big decision when you’re at a crossroads. (Should I keep going or quit? Should I say yes to this big partnership or hold out for something better?)
  • How your dreams and daydreams are trying to guide you towards success and how to follow them correctly
  • How to keep your energy even and flowing forward even in the tougher times (refunds, internet trolls, and negative feedback)
  • How to expand into a new mindset stratosphere to meet the demands of your success
  • …And even with the everyday tasks like when to hit “send” on that newsletter to your list — so it gets more opens and shares.

In just 4 weeks? Really?

Yes, really. Because believe it or not, all that information is already there.
I’m going to show you how to receive it.

In other words, I’m going to make you psychic.

(Already in the Woo? Looking to strengthen your intuition? The House of Woo is for you too!)

As a professional psychic and intuitive coach, I’ve helped thousands of clients across the world (cliche but true, from the US to Saudi Arabia to China) not only to tap into to their intuition, but also to keep the channel open indefinitely.

As a result of working with me, my clients have reported things like:

“Licia is the real deal. From the moment we started, it was so spot-on that I thought she’d installed surveillance equipment in my house. Working with her was also so motivating, I already got a bunch of stuff done that I would’ve put off. I fully expect that I’ll be updating this to say that all the things she predicted came true. For now, I’m so fired up about my session with Licia that I’m willing to risk my rep as a non-woo-woo type to say, WORK WITH HER NOW.”

– Laura Belgray,, NYC

“Licia succinctly outlined my upcoming struggles and opportunities and gave me a clear timeline (no mumbo-jumbo here!). Her sessions are now a part of my quarterly review process.”

– Michelle Martello, Owner, Minima Designs

Over the years, I’ve found tips and tricks that effectively generate big a-has again and again and again. Techniques that never let my clients down.

That’s exactly what The House of Woo delivers.



Jan 5th 7pm EDT

The Goosebump Factor:
Spotting Your Own Psychic Hits To Pave The Way To Fulfilling Your Big Dreams

Week 2

Jan 12th 7pm EDT

Be Your Own Chakra Kahn:
Chakra Openings To Clarity and Purpose

Week 3

Jan 19th 7pm EDT

Dreams, Spirit Guides, and Personal Woo:
How to tap into your dreams and guides to assess daily that you’re on the right track

Week 4

Jan 26th 7pm EDT

Magic, Manifestation, and Allowing: Go forth know things and attract everything you want by using your own intuition to manifest exactly what you want in business and life
The House of Woo will also teach you:
  • The “hits” you’re missing every day, sometimes several times a day — and how to catch them
  • How your weird and even mundane dreams are predicting the future
  • How knowing the future can help you shape the future. Counterintuitive but possible? You bet.
  • If you’re a seeing, hearing, or feeling psychic (Don’t think you’re any kind of psychic? Think again!)
  • 4 Live Classes with Q&A (Tuesday’s January 5th – 26th 7pm EDT) Can’t make them all live? All calls will be recorded and emailed to participants
  • 2 Live Ask-Me-Anything Q&A Calls (Thursday, January 7th 10am EDT and Thursday, January 28th 8pm EDT) These calls are your chance to get a mini-reading or ask me any questions from the course content itself to my life as a psychic!
  • Certified Life & Business Coach and the creator of the Ms.termind Mastermind™ program, Gina Gomez, will be teaching Class #3: Magic, Manifestation & Allowing!
  • A Private Facebook Room where easy, practical, and actionable weekly activities will be posted to help you get your intuition on track and in motion
  • Clarity PDF with tips on, well… getting more clarity!
  • Discounts on one-on-one readings
  • 5 BONUS Pre-Recorded Calls with Dougall Fraser, Laura Belgray, Sally Hope, Sarah Entrup, and Brigit Esselmont – These juicy, action-packed calls are from the past House of Woo classes, and you get access to them!
  • Life of the Program Access to the course!

Doors are now closed! Sign up below for early notice of when the next class is happening again:

Here’s what some past House of Woo
members have had to say about the course:
hollieHollie Flynn

“I LOVE Licia Morelli. I’m a cut-to-the chase kind of girl. I like clarity and action. Even though I have a strong gut instinct I found myself getting stuck in a few areas, especially in biz. It was AWESOME to get mini-readings form Licia during the House of Woo. I could then course correct easily or get validation that I was indeed on the right path, MY path. Woo-hoo!

And…I’m not gonna lie…I get bored easily. I hardly ever make it to all the calls when I’m in any program. I DID NOT miss one single call of the House of Woo. It was just too good. I love anyone who can combine wisdom with the practical. Licia is a master of that. So cool to walk away with, “Oh, I get it! I know just how to use that in REAL life!”

If you get a chance to work with Licia in any form or fashion, just do it. I’m so grateful for her teachings, readings, and oh, her wit!. Get ahead in biz & life and have fun! Sign me up…again!!!”

carrieCarrie Montgomery
“House of Woo gave me a safe space to explore and communicate my life and business challenges and wins, and my spiritual connection and commitment went deeper than I’ve gone in years!”
Lisa Fiorvante

“I’d always been big on the idea that we need to listen closely to our intuition when it comes to making decisions… or doing anything in life & business, for that matter! But it wasn’t until working with Licia in House of Woo that I realized there were ways I could actually strengthen my intuition to bring more clarity and easier decision-making into my life. Instead of constantly searching outside of myself for the answers to my problems, I learned that all of the answers live inside of me – I just needed to ask and listen.

And for the moments throughout the program when I’d veer off-course and get stuck, the mini-readings Licia held in our private Facebook group helped me to regain my footing and keep moving forward. Licia created such a supportive and encouraging space for others to learn and grow, and it was so comforting to have a place to gather with other like-minded entrepreneurs and share my struggles and wins.

I know for certain that connecting with Licia and enrolling in House of Woo is a HUGE reason why I’m no longer fearful about the direction my business is going but, instead, am excited to allow everything to unfold naturally while using my intuition to guide me from one decision to the next. I would highly encourage EVERY business owner – whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned entrepreneur – to take a walk on the woo side and enroll in House of Woo!”

Kirsty Spence
“The biggest aspect where I feel Licia has influenced me relates to tuning into my own intuition…sorting through business opportunities and deciding which will have the most impact according to my vision and goals. I now feel confident that I’ll be able to take on a large undertaking with much more power and ease than I would have before House of Woo!”
Guest Speaker:
Gina Gomez is a Certified Life and Business Coach, the creator of the Ms.termind Mastermind™ program for female entrepreneurs, as well as the host of a popular YouTube series called Five in Five: 5 Questions in 5 Minutes™. After building a successful career in corporate-America as a Vice-President of Sales for a major health care corporation, she used her results-oriented business philosophy and knack for developing relationships to help others achieve and exceed their professional and personal goals and live up to their true potential. She has coached talent and professionals in the entertainment industry, corporate executives, small business owners, artists, teachers, high school and college students, parents, couples, and other life coaches. To learn more about Gina or subscribe to Five in Five, check out

Q: Why 4 weeks? Can’t you teach me this all at once? I want to be psychic NOW.
In 4 weeks this will create a habit and you’ll begin to see results right away. That being said, I’m here to work with you each week as the hits get stronger and you begin to interpret them better. Over the time we are working together in House of Woo you’re hits will come in and you’ll be able to check in with me and your classmates about your experiences in the Facebook room. This will help strengthen the information and help you understand it better.

Q:What’s your refund policy?
Your satisfaction is my #1 priority and if you’re not completely satisfied with the House of Woo you have 48 hours after the first call to ask for a full refund.

Q: Will the live calls be recorded?
Yes! If you can’t make the calls live, no worries! All calls will be recorded and sent directly to you in your inbox.

Q: I’m kind of nervous about “knowing the future” – is this scary?
Great question! I always tell everyone that understanding our intuition is all about intention and energy NOT about doom and gloom. When we set the intention of understanding how and when to read the energy we are met with information that helps. This is so much of what House of Woo is about – to teach you how to use your intuition in a fun, not scary, way.

Q: I’ve heard that philanthropy is a pretty big deal to you – will you be donating any of the profits from House of Woo?
Yes, Yes, and YES! As a Stage 3 Melanoma cancer survivor & newfangled philanthropreneur, I’m working on the launch of The Morelli Foundation: Collaboration for a Cure – the WHY in everything I do and all that I do here at In the meantime, I donate 10% of all profits to skin cancer research at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. (So, when I’m able to help you find that glimpse of what’s to come, you’re also helping others heal in the meantime. Pretty amazing, huh?)

Q: So, exactly WHY did you create, House of Woo?
Best question! I spill all in the video below that went out to my newsletter subscribers. Check it out!

Are you ready?

Doors are now closed! Sign up below for early notice of when the next class is happening again: