The individual journey to create a piece of writing doesn’t have to be lonely or isolated.

(Whatever it is – blog, poem, essay, book, course, email, memoir – the list goes on!)

While you may be on your own in the life long journey as a writer, creator, artist, visionary, or entrepreneur – you don’t have to be solitary all the time.

It doesn’t have to be all hermit and no convo.

You can surround yourself with others on the same path and trajectory and varying degrees of experience.

You can have a tribe that just “gets you” and get the support you need. (Have you gotten your butt in the chair yet today?)

You can connect with the space and courage and clarity and purpose and ease and understanding while others are too – cheering you along.

A container. A sanctuary. An ashram. A temple. A monastery. A church. An altar.

A gathering of gorgeous souls who are here with you – in the same space.

As the writer Brett Lott says, “we have been driven to be here, driven to do what we are doing for one reason or another, for better and worse”. And with this knowledge – let’s forge the path together.

And I’ve got the exact thing to do just this – to create the community you need to gather courage and motivation and dare I say, gumption? To write that thing (whatever it is) into being.

Here it is:

The Little Altars Writing Community.

A place of like-minded souls creating and doing and holding each other up in the world.

A place where you can interact with me and gain lifetime access to all workshops I offer (once a month)

Sign up today and have access to our first class:

The Little Altars Writing Workshop: Tiny Bursts To Bust Your Writer’s Block

As a member of the community you have access to all other 1-hour workshops that are offered as well as our private facebook group.

Let’s conquer resistance together!

Topics we covered in class #1: 

  • What to write: figuring out your next topic and getting it done without distraction
  • Butt in the chair: How to create the space for writing in your day (it’s not as hard as you think!)
  • Writing prompts – how to use them for your next project that will help you write that thing and write it fast
  • The importance of a shitty first draft
  • How to overcome self doubt, fear of being generic, and the anxiety of publication
  • Community: What it means to hold yourself (and others) to a deadline
  • And finally: how to get out of your own way and to let the words flow.

This Community is for you if:

  • You want to create a regular writing practice
  • You see writing as something that feeds your soul (even if you don’t think you’re very good)
  • You have a project that’s been on your to-do list for months and you need the “get up and go!” motivation to get it done
  • You want to be in community with writers
  • You are stuck on some ideas and don’t know where to start
  • You have the motivation but when you sit down to write the finger won’t type or the pen won’t go
  • You get in your own way – snacking, Facebooking, Instagramming anything to avoid doing the work

The best part?

To join the community is a one time fee of $27.

The bonus? Lifetime access to the Little Altars online community and its exclusive offers and events.

And the added bonus? Once you sign up for a 1-hour workshop – you have access to ALL other 1 hour workshops I offer throughout the year.

Are you in?

If you are – you can pay your $27 here and fill out the form below to let me know you’re good to go! 

I’m so excited for this! I hope you are, too.

PS have questions? Fill out the form and ask away.